Preparing to make a comeback for the ages!

May 1, 2020 By MightyRx

        Season 14 was rough for the one of the preeminent teams in SFL history. A far cry from the city crushing blowouts of earlier seasons, the torrent was more of a drizzle. This season, new faces Adam Jones, De’Ante Stoneville, Erich Hammer, Raymond Jones III, Roland Parrot, and Varadin Zharkov will join returning Jeff Comeau and The Storm in their new home in Florida to help bring the full fury of a Category 5 hurricane.

The New Wrecking Crew, Hammer and Parrott
BIg Sexy chasing down his prey

        On D, Adam Jones joins the Storm’s infamous defensive lineup at cornerback, adding a third corner for the Storm to put you in. Roland Parrot and Erich Hammer come in as linebackers, ready to fly in and crush anyone in the path of the Storm. Finally, Raymond Jones III rounds out the line at defensive tackle, joining Storm veterans Alex “Big Sexy” Dominguez and Aless Tomaello forming a triumvirate that opposing quarterbacks would be wise to never meet. On offense, tight end Varadin Zharkov and returning wide receiver Jeffrey Comeau bring new targets for Ron Cockren’s lighting bolts, and EJ Mincin and JW Doyle have switched up their roles, rotating into wide receiver and halfback respectively.

        The newly reinforced defensive line looks to further cement their legacy as one of the definitive names on defense. Quarterback Ron Cockren is focusing on training with the new recruits during the exhibition games, revitalizing the offensive output for the next season. Will this fresh infusion help the Storm surge, or will this season be nothing but thunder? Join us this season to find out!

Ron Cockren spearheads the Storm attack