What is This?!?

The Florida Storm are 1 of the teams that comprise the Simulation Football League. It is a sporting experience unlike any other. YOU are the player, the coach, and the owner. YOU determine how the games are planned, played, and won. YOU are the star!

Here at the SFL, we have 400 people just like you hearing their names called out on live broadcasts from real play-by-play announcers. Every moment is draped in excitement as you watch your player streak down the field with an announcer calling the action! We also have coaches and owners working tirelessly to strategize for the next game, watching film, and hoping their plan has them on top.

The SFL uses All Pro Football 2K8 as its medium to this unique experience. We input the playbooks chosen by each team, set up the players with their abilities and watch as the game plays out the action without user input, allowing for a realistic football experience.

Do you want to join up and be a star? Just join us on our Discord server and introduce yourself in our #introductions channel. After that, owners will be in touch about getting you involved on any spot they may have available. Once you’re signed to a team, just sit back and enjoy the action where YOU make the difference on the field!